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From Digg via Design to Joomla

The Digg Design Category

One of the things I run on my Netvibes page is the overview of Digg’s Design category.

You will find some great design information there, and one of the recent sites that gets a lot off Digss for this category is

Today they had a post about 45 Fresh, Clean and Impressive Designs , just go and look for yourself…

Joomla and Design 

If you use Joomla, you know how great some sites look, especially if you are a regular visitor of the Showcase part on the Forum.

Some time ago the Infiniti Mixed Media site came up, and it already impressed me back then.

Infinity Mixed Media Design

And now it has also impressed others outside of the Joomla Community, great work on a very skilled level of Design.

Just to show you that a Joomla! based website doesn’t have to be recognizable as Joomla based.


  1. Smashing! :)

    Mark is great, too. Intelligent, artistic and kind. I am so happy to see him get this well deserved attention. Going to have to keep our eyes on him!

  2. Pathos.Seo says:

    Amy, I totally agree with you.

    He really is a creating soul.
    And an inspiration to many who seek to do special things with Joomla!

  3. I’m subscribed to Smashing Magazine’s feed, they are an amazing source of webmaster resources from design inspiration, free templates and themes, and SEO. Great post, I don’t have much experience using Joomla, but I have thought about learning it sometime soon.

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