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Finding Your Niche Competitors and Authority Sites

Finding Authority Websites

Last time you could read about finding related keywords to incorporate in your website, know there is a nice tool to find the websites to link to... Why Links out? Because it shows the search engines where to position your website in the large scheme of topics on the Internet. As Matt Cutts stated several times, also on the paid-links discussions, Links should be as relevant as possible and … [Read more...]

How Search Engines Help finding Keywords

Google suggestions for Keyword Anastacia

You now how to find keywords for your website, right? You know about Google external ad tool, WordTracker, trillian and seobook. But there are more easily and very targeted keyword suggestions to be found. The Search Engines themselves will show you what they think are the most relevant keywords... It is like looking into their database and finding what they think is relevant for you … [Read more...]

How Joomla helps with LSI and SEO

Oke, you know what SEO means, and what Joomla is.. but this LSI? Well, if you really are into Search Engine Optimization, you have come across this term "Latent Semantic Indexing" or in short LSI. So, is this going to be such a long an technical post about algorithms and how they are build... no, its not.. But what you should know about LSI is simpel, it is all about related keywords! Yes … [Read more...]

Joomla Title Plugin for Search Engine Optimization Improvement

Last time I wrote about the Title use in Joomla, pointing you to the Joomla Page Title, and the use of the Alias for schort URLs. I all so pointed you to the Paid SEF Patch that has the HTML Title rewrite in it, and more options then just that. Now there is a new Plugin, the JooFox Content Title Plugin  which gives you a great way to use the Title Alias to improve your HTML Titles... How … [Read more...]

What Title to Use in Joomla or WordPress

Joomla Title and Title Alias

If you run a Joomla or WordPress Based website, you are of course constantly creating quality content for your users. Writing the best Titles like told you how to do. But there are several options in Joomla, and with the right Plugin you get something similar in WordPress. If you create new content in Joomla, you find yourself with two Title options: The Title and the … [Read more...]

Google goes Global with Pay-Per-Action in AdWords

Just a few day's ago you could have read about Google and Placement Performance.. Now is time to expand the Google network with the Pay-Per-Action on a Global scale. So I just wanted to show you some of the links to the Information Google is giving out on this "new" advertising model. Here is the basic most important line from the Pay-Per-Action FAQ: How much does pay-per-action … [Read more...]

Is your website Search Engine Friendly or already Search Engine Optimized?

I like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Typo3, all Open Source Content Management Systems. But which ones are Search Engine Friendly? Or are they Search Engine Optimized? To be honest, Joomla in the latest version 1.0.12 is not Search Engine Friendly, the new Beta 1.5 version is much more Friendly from a Search Engine Point of view. For the current version you have a lot of work to do before … [Read more...]

Early Adopters use Gmail and RSS feeds, are You an Early Adopter?

Thinkseer Blog at the moment without email subscrption possiblity

I was reading an article by Wil Reynolds on The Thinkseer Blog about the Question Do you attract early adopters  According to the recent research of Hitwise Wil Reynolds mentioned Gmail traffic has increased by 17 % since its no longer an "By Invitation only" service, but free for all. Initial thoughts occur from this research, stating that in the US Gmail is used by Early Adopters that this … [Read more...]

Google Analytics versus Statcounter

Statcounter results graphic

Just last Monday Statcounter announced that the 100 page view limit for the Free accounts is raised to 500 for Free Now for some of you, that will be off no intrest, but for the Small and Medium sized Business that run their own websites this is really great news. Hold it, but Google Analytics does a lot more and is also free... True, but just place yourself in the the mind of a small … [Read more...]

Is Google Ready to Become the Ultimate Super Affiliate?

Google Adsense for Affliates

Google required Feedburner recently, was this acquisition just another company on their way to becoming the Ultimate Super Affiliate? You already now that RSS Feeds are the Future instead of eMails...  Everybody who works with Adsense knows that Google already promotes their own products via a CPA model, for every Picassa or Google Pack installation and activation you get payed, not for the … [Read more...]